Consignment Policy

1. We view our contract as a partnership. Bring us the nicest articles from your closet and we will do our best to sell them for you. All items must be clean, freshly laundered and shelf ready. All items that are not clean including pet hair, human hair, fuzz, pilling, stains, marks, missing buttons, smells including cigarette smoke and wood stove smoke, etc. will be rejected.

2. To open and account it will cost the Consignor a one time fee of $5.00. This fee can be paid at the time of set up or out of the first check.

3. This contract period is for 90 days or otherwise stated by Phase Two management. At the end of the 90 day period, the items become the property of Phase Two and will be subject to sales or donation.

4. The Consignor may reclaim unsold items anytime but is solely the responsibility of the Consignor to contact Phase Two 7 days prior to the contract ending and the Consignor may visit the store to reclaim the items, of which they may find the items in the store themselves and have any item approved by management before removal.

5. Pricing is determined by Phase Two management to sell your item at the most profitable price. Items may be reduced at the discretion of Phase Two management at anytime.

6. Phase Two reserves the right to decline merchandise at its own discretion.

7. The consignor will receive a percentage split designated by Phase Two._______%

8. Funds are available on the 1st of each month for the items that sell.

9. Every reasonable effort will be made by Phase Two to safeguard the consigned merchandise located at 342 Pa Ave West, Warren, PA 16365. Phase Two assumes NO liability for the loss, damage to, or destruction of any consigned item(s) by theft, accident, or any other cause.

10. When deemed necessary, the policies of the contract many be revised at the owner’s discretion, and consignors will be notified.

11. Unless otherwise specified, consignor guarantees authenticity of consigned goods and indemnifies Phase Two from any damages, fees, and costs that may occur, including return of buyer’s purchase price, as a result thereof.